Come on people - let's turn this thing around !

We have 166 active players, 165 of whom are registered.

I'm having to juggle programming and marketing at the moment.

I need to keep the registrations rolling in to fund the development of the next version

Please recommend a friend ! - there is no more effective marketing.

Keep playing ! - there's nothing more depressing than an empty room.

The graphs always take a dive at the end because TODAY isn't finshed yet (always true).

New Accounts per day (last 100 days)

0102030405060708090100Jan 19Feb 18Mar 20New Accounts

Games played per day

020040060080010001200Jan 19Feb 18Mar 20Apr 19 Against PC (off-line) Online (human v human)

Gissen is missen - To measure is to know - A wise Dutchman

Registered players by Country

92 The United Kingdom
9 Netherlands
9 Germany
8 Australia
7 Scotland
5 Belgium
4 Wales
4 England
3 Canada
3 Spain
3 Ireland
2 France
2 Malta
1 Israel
1 India
1 Georgia
1 Hong Kong
1 Norway
1 Philippines
1 Poland
1 Slovakia
1 Unknown
1 The United States
1 Finland
1 Estonia
1 Switzerland
1 Barbados

Sponsoring QuickSnooker

If you'd really like to help - you can sponsor the development effort buy topping up your membership in advance - In the long run it won't cost you anything.

Sponsors get their name in lights - here, and will get exclusive access to the 'wishlist' of future developments - where they can vote to influence the development priorities.

Just vist the Buy now page and paste your serial number from the 'help','about' screen (in the menus).

Purchase a £20 (option 2) or £5 (option 3) to add 365 or 60 days to your account. - as many times as you like, don't go crazy - If you want to make a more serious investment - please get in touch

Anyone with more than 365 days on their account will appear in the sponsors list (unless you don't want to) - You can set your sponsorship message, along with whether you want to appear at all - under 'Internet play', 'My account'.

QuickSnooker Sponsor members

Member NameTownCountryMessageDays
YiscLeiden (The Netherlands) NetherlandsGreat game, nice community, superb support1000+
human 76179Sheerness The United Kingdom716
human 75989 Unknown658
malcolm bromford The United Kingdom506
human 61171Northampton The United Kingdom505
stretchpeteVictoria ,melbourne Australia500
LuRĂ¼nderoth, Germany Germanywe love it! >11.000 frames Snooker >5.300 legs of Billiard >8.800 legs of 9Ball since 2004490
bullseye07cavite philippines Philippines451
DaggiBremen GermanyGreat game, we already had lots of splendid times playing it. 391