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Gissen is missen - To measure is to know - A wise Dutchman

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PlayerTownCountrySponsor messagedays
YiscLeiden (The Netherlands) Netherlands1000+
SharonWillenhall England1000+
Jake's IIDublin, Ireland Ireland606
Dr EddieShrewsbury The United Kingdom413
NickaxEvesham The United Kingdom977
Tony LLondon The United Kingdom427
ChalkyCranleigh The United Kingdom367
Speedy Sheridanuk The United Kingdom377
Ken Tenkerous Spain367
DSPScottAldershot The United Kingdom375
Isobel The United Kingdom415
old_human The United Kingdom620
Ray The United Kingdom389
TerryS The United Kingdom617
DudeWembley The United Kingdom382
Cheesy Expert The United Kingdom365
All Boss The United Kingdom421
Young Pretender The United Kingdom1000+
Precious Moments The United Kingdom1000+
Guy Liner Sweden1000+
Niel The Wire The United Kingdom1000+
Green Eyed Monster France1000+
Rock Chick Wales1000+
Elouise Ireland1000+
Action Man Croatia1000+
Snooker Samurai Japan1000+
Italian Stallion Italy1000+
Homesick Alien Unknown1000+
Teejay The United States1000+
Ice Queen Germany1000+
The Mad Hatter The United Kingdom1000+
Fantastic Arrow The United Kingdom1000+
Red Pot The United Kingdom1000+
Flexy Model The United Kingdom1000+
Dainty CallerHampshire The United Kingdom392
Eggy CalamityManchester The United Kingdom377
Kim Finland375
MisterdukeMontreal Canada375
McBruceWX5Coquitlam BC (near Vancouver) Canada375
Mick The HatCheltenham / Gloucestershire The United Kingdom368
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