Terms of service

Because we offer installable software, Google insist we have the terms of service displayed on the website

Short version

QuickSnooker is 'shareware'. Please download evaluate the game on your own Windows hardware before purchasing.

Our Free Trial gives you access to on-line play for 7 days. You may continue to evaluate the software for up to 30 days.

If it doesn't work - let us know ! - We will try to help.

Do not try to hack the program or tamper with its protection system(s).

You may not re-sell or profit from the program without written permission.

You may give away copies of the unregistered program 'as is' - or encourage others to download it. (Please!)

If you play on-line be polite ! - Do not deliberately offend or annoy others.

Our liability is strictly limited to what you have paid us.

Long Version

SHAREWARE VERSION IMPORTANT NOTICE Read this License Agreement carefully before using this Software. BY USING THIS SOFTWARE IN ANY WAY YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT. LICENSE GRANT QuickGames grants you a non-exclusive license to test this software and any associated documentation ("The Shareware"), as indicated herein.

You MAY: (a) install and use the Shareware for evaluation purpose only during 30 days after the installation;

We are responsible for the reliable operation of the game software, server, website, and database.

You are responsible for (ie. we are not obliged to support) the operation of your computer hardware, Operating System, Internet security/antivirus software, firewall, router and Internet connection.

You must not sell or profit from the use of the program without our permission.

You may redistribute the full, unmodified setup package as is, on cover disks, compilations websites etc.

If the game is running for hundreds of other players, and not working for you, especially if it has worked for you in the past, It is reasonable to assume that there is a compatibility issue with your hardware or software - We will (at our option) try to assist in these circumstances, but would ask you not to post defamatory comments about the game (software). Rational, accurate discussion of the symptoms/problems is perfectly acceptable, but the main support channel is email.

If you deliberately, knowingly or repeatedly offend or annoy people in the waiting room you may be removed temporarily or permanently without a refund.

Cheating will not be tolerated - we reserve the right to remove or adjust scores where cheating is suspected.

Quitting a game you are losing is considered very rude - however conceding (on your turn) is acceptable, we reserve the right to publish quit/disconnection statistics and given reasons.

If you are banned for misbehaviour - serve your time - do not attempt to avoid a ban by buying the program again, reinstalling, reformatting etc. - it will not work and you will not be refunded.

By using the program you consent to our storing and processing information about you and your computer necessary for the operation of the game, this includes a digital fingerprint of the devices you use to access the game.

By purchasing you further consent to our storing your real name, email address and postal address (as a secondary contact mechanism).

If you attempt to hack the program, It could do anything, including damaging your computer system, unmodified the program is perfectly safe.

We use out best efforts to keep the server available at all times and achieve over 99% up time. In the event of less than 99% up time (in a calendar month) we will extend paid accounts by double any downtime.

In the event of Force majeure, we will endeavor to re-instate infrastructure and accounts within 28 days - accounts will be extended by any time lost.

In any event, our liability is strictly limited to what you have paid us.