QuickSnooker 8 keyboard guide version 1.02 (8.0.165+)


Left click on the white - to prepare the next shot (enter cueing mode) OR move around with:-
(Note:-you can select any ball as the cueball - to see if it 'goes' to a pocket - but don't hit it by accident! (Right click to return to the white)

A - move left D - move right W - move forwards S - Move back

I - Zoom In (narrow field of view) O - Zoom out (widen field of view) Q - walk left around the table E - wak right around the table

- move up - move down

hold the right right mouse button and move the mouse to look around (Pan the camera)
You can hold down W and the right mouse button and 'steer' with the mouse to fly around the room (and beyond) - Don't stray too far !

Cueing Mode

Move the mouse left and right to aim. Move backwards (towards you) to increase power - forwards (away from you) to decrease power.
Note a good break requires only around 50% power.
Your Mouse Wheel - raises/and lowers the butt of the cue - This is an important part of the game - especially on the Club and above levels.

PgUp - raise cue butt PgDn - lower cue butt (alternative to mouse wheel for laptops)

Short click (left mouse button) - to shoot

Hold the Left mouse button (and move the mouse) to set spin
Alternatively holdshift - (and move mouse) to set spin.
NOTE: - if you shoot when the chalkspot is red you will miscue!

Click right mouse button - cancel shot 'stand up'

Hold ctrl and move mouse - Move head (useful for a sense of perspective in 3D views) - or use A D W S

I - Zoom in (when cueing) (remembered between shots.if you go 'in' too far it can make subsequent massé shots tricky) O - Zoom out (when cueing)

Shift+ 2 3 4 5 6 7 - Nominate colour (whilst aiming)

Note you can also nominate my mousing over any ball in any view - including the score panel - or by aiming - but there are circustances (for example when trapped amongst the reds where you must nominate = and this makes it easy when you're already down on the shot.

Shot adjust (whilst cueing)

Very fine adjustments to power/direction when aiming - with the cursor keys - you may need to press keys several times to see an effect.
They're particulary useful if you play in the 2D mode - or struggle with mouse precision (Have 'the shakes' )

- shot adjust - shot adjust - shot adjust - shot adjust Enter - shoot

Layouts - Switch between and customise up to 9 screen layouts

Numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 top row of keys - Switch layouts

L Toggle Layout Mode (arrange viewports) Arrange/select the viewports by dragging the edges and tops of the windows. Press L again when finished to exit layout mode. Use 'layout','Reset' in the menus if you make a complete mess of it.

Action Replays

R-Start/Restart replay P - Pause/Unpause replay > -Next frame/collision (whilst paused) / -Toggle slow motion Esc End replay


Space Jump to chat window (for online games) Backspace - Retake last shot / Take the cue during an action replay
M -Toggle 'Move balls' mode (registered players/practise games only Esc - End replay / 'OK' Popups /Re-acquire mouse (if it stops working)

Cueing in the 2D windows

Any shot can be played in either a 2D (overhead) or 3D viewport - The cueing is very different (although very simple) in the 2D views.
When cueing in 2D - select the cueball in the overhead view then, focus on the tip of the cue - The power and direction of the shot is determined by position of the tip relative to the cueball.
You can swing the cue around the cueball with good precision and relatively small mouse movements - see the shot adjust keys above for extra precision and a steady shot.