I'm playing on a laptop and the cue jumps around and shoots on it's own.
We strongly recommend using a mouse to play Quick Snooker - even the cheapest mouse will be better than the best Touchpad.

Having said that some of the worst touchpad issues are caused by gesture/multi-touch features - these are designed to allow you to do things like scroll the current window by pressing with two fingers, or sliding up and down one edge. Unfortuantely they can kick in when you didn't mean it - in particular any 'scroll' gesture emulates rolling the mouse-wheel, which can cause a sudden and unexpected lifting of the cue.

Once you understand which gestures are doing what - you may find your touch pad usable, but if you have a dig around in control panel you'll almost certainly find some options under the mouse settings that may let you disable unwanted 'features'- here's a screenshot of where the options are on our Samsung laptop.

I've bought an unlock key - but it hasn't unlocked the full version ?
It almost certainly has - If you have entered the correct key for the serial number displayed - it does Unlock the game. The screen doesn't look wildly different but you should see:-

See, your game is unlocked - I think people get confused by the fact there's still an box to enter a voucher/Key code - this is where you enter your 'Pro' key if and when you buy the Pro upgrade. The next thing that confuses people (and fair enough, it is confusing) - is that on getting to the table, they only have 10 reds still. What you need to do is select 'Full Snooker' which is now unlocked in the menus - and you'll have your 15 reds.
I've bought Quick Snooker and want to use it on another computer (or I've reformatted/crashed my computer)
Hopefully you've already chosen a Player name and set a password on your original account/computer.
If so, it's very simple.
  1. Install the lastest unregistered version of the program on your new computer, accept any updates. (note, at this point you will have a new 'random' serial number)
  2. Choose, 'Internet Play', 'My Account' in the games menus.
  3. Do not 'Creat a Trial Account', instead Enter your playername and password (for your registered account).
  4. You will get a message saying 'your serial number has been changed..'
  5. Restart the program - as instructed (Don't just go into the waiting room!)
  6. Enter your key on the opening screen - You should have a note of your original key and serial number (if not... see the Question below)
  7. If you've bought the 'Pro' upgrade, you'll also need to enter your Pro key (just as you did originally)
  8. That's it

If you've lost your key or have other questions.. please drop us an email at our support address.

Note:- You can use this procedure to add multiple computers to the same account. You will not be able to play on-line from more than one computer on the same account at the same time.
Abuse of this system (ie. giving your key to all your friends) will result in your account/game being disabled without refund
I've lost my key/serial number ?
Send us an email with as much information as you have - your player name, your Email address (how and when you purchased). As long as we can identify you we can send you your key - BUT.. remember, it's an annual renewal - if it was more than a year ago it's probably easier just to purchase again against your new, current serial number.
I've renewed my registration and received a new key - where do I put it ?
You don't need to enter it at all - just keep it safe in case of a computer crash or moving to another machine.
You account and on-line play is extended on the server when you purchase.

Thanks for renewing ! - We're really proud that a lot of people do.

When I run the setup program is says "Uninstall Application " ? ...
This means that you have, or have had some previous version of the program installed.
Answer 'yes' - let the program uninstall complete.. then run the setup program again (this will re-install the latest version).
You won't lose anything and it won't mess up your key or your serial number.
I get a 'Fail type G' when entering the Internet waiting room ?
This is caused by having blocked (or not 'allowed') Quick Snooker on your software firewall. If you are getting a fail type G when you come into the room - it will *always* be followed by a fail type F or J when you challenge or are challenged, your opponent will also get a fail type J or F (the opposite of yours).
You *need* to solve the problem before starting a game (otherwise you are wasting your time and frustrating the other player).
You should open your software firewall program (whatever one it is . . probably down in the extreme bottom right 'systray' on your desktop).. and find any 'rules' relating to Quick Snooker - remove them *all* (even if they are 'allow' rules) and re-run QS.. Your firewall will prompt you to 'allow' QuickSnooker - you need to say 'yes' or 'allow'.
This isn't exposing your computer in any way - you don't need to (and should not!) open any ports on your hardware router.
In case you need to know - the program is attempting to make a UDP connection to port 3027 on - you may need to add this rule manually.
The screen is dark blue / I can't hit the white ball ...
Both these problems can be caused by a corrupted window layout... choose 'layout','reset' in the menus.

This can be caused by having disconnected a second monitor, moved a window accidently off the screen, or by running other 'full screen' applications at the same time.

I can't position the white/move my cue - the game is 'stuck'...
Another program or process may have requested exclusive access to your mouse.. Try pressing escape on the keyboard - until the Winows title says 'Re-Acquiring mouse'. - it sometimes takes a couple of goes.
This is a rare problem and seems to happen more on laptops (with a touchpad and a mouse).
I can't get into Internet Play, the option is greyed out .. ?
You can't go into Internet play whilst another game is in progress - please concede or finish any game being played. (Using 'Game','Concede' in the menus).
The other posibility is you already have the waiting room window open.. just dig around in your windows a bit.
I've played a game on-line, but I can't start another. ?
Once you've completed a game, you just return to the waiting room by choosing 'Internet Play','Internet Waiting room' in the menus.
Loads of Options are greyed out in the menus ?
If you've started a game - several optiosn are greyed out until the game in progress is completed (or conceded). You'll also notice that some menu options are only available in the registered version - buying, unlocks these.
What is 'Registering' ?
Registering is buying your Quick Snooker - it's quick and painless, it gives you extra tables, games, features, updates, Internet Play and Priority Support. Registrations pay for the hosting and development of the game - and help us to keep it free of crapware and advertising.
Where can I find a 'Crack' or free Key for Quick Snooker ?
A 'crack' tampers with the Quick Snooker code - in theory to unlock the game for free. If you're prepared to cruise the darker side of the Internet - you might find one most don't work, and some could be fakes with a virus or a 'Trojan' payload opening access to your computer.

NO Crack is going to give you on-line play - and running ANY of them is potentially very dangerous to your computer, and other computers on your network.

We strongly recommend you download Quick Snooker only from then Quick home page.

I have a Router/Firewall, what ports do I need to open ?
NONE! - Quick Snooker does not require you to open ANY Ports open on your hardware firewall/router - It's possible your Internet Security Program or Windows Firewall might ask if it should allow Quick Snooker to access the internet - but this is an outbound connection and is not 'opening' any ports.
Opening inbound ports on your router/firewall is inherently risky - don't do it unless you understand exactly what you're doing and why.
You *may* get a message about allowing 'inbound' UDP data from - this is the news/ticker feed at the bottom of the screen. - You can safely accept this (but its not critical).
I've installed the program but I can't find it ?
The installation process places a shortcut on your desktop called 'Quick Snooker 7', You will also find shortcut under 'Start', 'Programs', 'Quick Snooker 7'.
The game is slow/jerky/flickery
The game should run very smoothly on any machine less than about 5 years old.
Try changing your desktop colour depth under display properties, Sometimes it can run very differently under 16,24 or 32 bit colour depths.
If you are running multiple applications, listening to music, or doing large downloads - try it without each of these things in turn, Also try resizing the Snooker game window, you may find some 'threshold' below which it suddenly performs much better.

If its still running poorly, Launch 'task manager' (right click on a blank bit of the task bar at the bottom of the windows desktop, choose 'task manager'), flip to the 'processes' tab, Click on the 'CPU' column head (possibly twice) to get processes sorted by CPU usage - anything consistently using more than about 20% 'cpu' should be investigated (crashed Internet Explorers, or skype are a favorite) - you can press 'end process' on some things - but it can cause odd problems - a reboot might be safer.

Nope, I have an old/slow machine and the game is really unplayable

There are some 'switches' wich can be added to the programs shortcut to lower the graphics quality slightly and improve the performace on very old/low end machines.

Right click the desktop shortcut and choose 'properties'

Quick Snooker shortcut options enabling hardware vertex processing for smoother Quick Snooker graphics

The *example* above shows the option '/HWVP /BD24 - this lowers the ball detail from its default 32 segments/slices per ball (to 24) and enabled Hardware Vertex processing.
'speed up' options that can be specified include:-
/SBT - Small ball textures - faster graphics, at the expense of slightly ragged balls. /HWVP - Uses more graphic card processing (and less CPU) - Worth a try on almost any machine - can give a 30% speed boost, may screw up lighting - may do nothing.
/TQ1 - Lower quality (higher speed) textures (choose refresh graphics in the game once after selecting this option)
/BD12 - (in place of /BD24) High Speed (lower quality) ball meshes.
/NJ - 'No Jerk' mode - Stops the balls from being re-rendered during aiming/play (you may notice sudden changes in lighting)
The game already runs really well, can I make it any better ?
There are some 'switches' wich can be added to the programs shortcut to improve the graphics quality and slightly reduce performance. See the item above for how to add the switches.

Quality options include:-
/TQ2 - Medium (default) quality textures (Chose 'Help','Refresh graphics' in the game after a applying a texture quality switch.)
/TQ3 - High Quality (slower) textures
/BD42 - 42 slices/segments per ball (you can in fact use any 2 digit number - anything more that about 42 is going to be 'expensive' and imperceptable. /HWVP - Uses your graphics card from more of the processing (can result in smoother gameplay).

A good exampe for a reasonably up to date machine would be


On a modern machine this is likely to give you a significant increase in both speed and quality.
Auto-Update isn't working for me ?
Non 'XP' users may need to run the program 'as administrator' when performing the auto-update. Right click the 'Quick Snooker 7' shortcut icon on the desktop and choose 'Run As Administrator' - If you're comfortable with it you can set the program to always 'run as administrator' right click the 'Quick Snooker 7' shortcut, choose properties, select the 'shortcut' tab,press the 'Advanced' button, tick the 'Run As Administrator' tick box, press OK, Press Apply.)
It's also possible there is a crashed/'zombie' copy of Quick Snooker already running (this somtimes happens to impatient people who quaddruple click their desktop icons!) Check your 'applications' list under 'Task Manager' (right click on a blank bit of the task bar at the bottom of the windows desktop, choose 'task manager'), if you see a 'snooker' there, select it and press 'end task', Now try the update again.

Some Anti-virus programs really don't like 3rd Party programs downlaoding new copies of themselves. If you are running 'strong' antivirus and experiencing difficulties It's probably just as easy to re-install as to try and fight your own Antivirus - we recommend you:-
It's a pain - but it only takes a couple of minutes all in - and it won't mess up your installation, key or serial number.
I find it difficult to line up shots with the mouse ?
You can adjust the sensitivity of aiming and power delivery on the 'settings' menu.

TOP TIP:- You can aim 'roughly' with the mouse and then apply very fine adjustments with the cursor keys, and shoot with the enter key.

If you have a disability or impairment and think there's something we could do to the controls to make it easier for you - please get in touch !

I have to move the mouse miles to get enough power on a shot ?
Try adjusting the 'power sensitivity' on the 'settings' page, If you still can't find a comfortable setting - get in touch.

The balls seem really small ?
It's more a question of the table being really big !
To a Pool player, things can look pretty odd, but Snooker is played on a 12ft by 6ft table - with 21 /15th Inch (52.5mm) balls.
Everything is perfectly to scale in Quick Snooker.
Why don't the balls go in the pockets sometimes ?
Remember that the line from the target ball is the *CENTERLINE*, and the edge of the ball may hit the cushion before you'd think. It's sometimes necessary to rebound a ball from the 'far jaw' of a pocket when shooting along the cushions.
I can't get into the waiting room ?
If you get a 'No Connection' error - the error is likely to be 'your end'
Try Choosing 'start','run' and enter 'cmd' - now enter 'Tracert' - it should give you a good clue as to where the problem is - If the trace doesn't get beyond you own router try these things - in this order, until it works
  • 'Repair' your wireless connection
  • Reset your router
  • reboot your PC
  • Power Down Your router - FOR 5 FULL MINUTES (really, it often works if its an ISP/Login problem).

If the TraceRoute reaches QuickSnooker, The problem could be at our end

If the trace fails somewhere in between, It is an Internet/routing problem beyond our control - waiting, is about the only option.

It says I'm banned - It won't 'let me in'
We don't ban people lightly - you have to serve your time - your 'sentence' and the reason for your ban is clearly stated on the waiting room screen.
You can see our guidelines for moderators here like it says, Don't buy the program again, or reformat your computer attempting to avoid the ban - none of that will work and you will not be refunded.
Will my time whilst banned be refunded or added to my account.
Are the moderators there all the time, even if i can't 'see' them ?
They might be.
Isn't that a bit sinister ?
Ever so slightly, Yes.
It's not fair, I want to be a moderator.
The moderators are mature and trusted QuickSnooker players - you might get to be one one day.
I DEMAND a refund/apology/to know who banned me.
No - You agreed to our terms of service when you installed the program.
Aggressive, threatening, disruptive, or deliberate annoying behaviour is not tolerated on Quick Snooker.
We put a lot of effort into making the Quick Snooker rooms fun, friendly places to be.
Moderators do not hold a grudge - serve your ban and come back and play !
Someone removed one of my messages
Yes, that would be because it was judged to be offensive in some way, was interfering with the operation of the room, was excessively big, old, defamatory, illegal, pornographic, etc,etc.. you get the picture.
Don't post that stuff - If you're having second thoughts about a post, you can 'shred' it yourself.
My scores are wrong/not updating ?
It's important to understand that you have 5 sets of scores - one for each league.

In each league you have a separate eloscore, rank, wins, losses and highest break.
The statistics on display depend on what skill level you have selected when you enter the Internet waiting room, If you subsequently play at a different level, your scores won't change at the end of your game (but have updated).

Where are the leagues displayed ?
They're here or you can press the 'web ranks' button in the game.
The leagues may be reset occasionally - please don't get too upset, We know you worked hard for your position, but it's reset for everyone and the Elo system means you can regain your rightful position in just a few well chosen games.
How do I set spin/swerve the ball ?
The easiest way to set spin is hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse.
You can release the mouse button (and relax!) without shooting - it only shoots when you 'click' (press and release the left mouse button without moving the mouse).
If you prefer, you can hold down shift and move the mouse.
I can't seem to swerve the cueball at all ?
Swerve (and other advanced effects) only work with the 'Pro' upgrade (on the Club, Pro and Master levels) - have a practise at Club level as the longer guides help you to see what will happen.
Here's a short video (courtesy of Yisc) which shows some of the shots that can be achieved with swerve and spin.
I can't control the cueball, spin is not working right ?
On the Club, Pro, and Master levels spin is accurately modelled - You cannot for example have the cueball hit the right side of an object ball and 'go left' - this defies physics.
It takes some getting used to, but the cueball behaves very much as in real Snooker, and the same 'rules' (Of physics) apply, for example, for deep screw - you need to keep the cue low and flat, for swerve raise the butt of the cue and apply side.

The cue ball also acquires 'top' (spin) a it rolls down the table.. so it will tend to 'follow on' after an impact with the object ball (much more than in the simplistic levels).

You might like to switch on the 'ball trials' on the 'aids' menu - you'll see that even the object balls don't travel in straight lines - There's a whole lot of physics going on.

The guides aren't working (get very short/dissapear) ?

This is a feature not a bug ! - remember the same applies to your opponent !

These factors affect the length of the guides:-
  • Distance between cueball and object ball
  • Requiring use of the rest
  • Thinness of the 'cut'
  • Amount of spin being (or having to be) applied
  • Size of break (but not by much)
  • The tilt of the cue

When several of these factors combine - for example if you've been left against the baulk cushion after a good break, you can find you're left with no object ball guide at all.

HINT:- The penalty (guide shortening) applied for spin, is higher than that for having the cue tilited, so often, if against a cushion, or cueing over balls - raising the butt (which allows you to apply less spin - will give you a longer object ball guide.

People get very good at Quick Snooker - usually quite fast - but the Pro mode makes for a much more intersting, strategic game - with a more changes of play.

NOTE:-On the 'Master' level there are no guides

How do I upload my picture ?
Please choose 'Internet Play',''My Account' in the menus - You can upload a picture from the pink 'home' tab. Something around 200 to 400 pixels wide is about right.

Press 'Browse', then locate and select file you'd like to upload from your PC and press the (seperate) 'upload' button.

Real photos are encouraged (You like to see the people you play - right ?) - but if you're camera shy, anything will do. - A quick Google for 'Free Avatar Creator' - will also find you plenty of sites where you can make a cartoon likeness of yourself - here's one to get you started."

What is the Gallery ?
If you (or your opponent) have played a great shot, you can press 'F1' on your keyboard, and send the shot to either your personal, or the 'public' shot gallery.
You or another player can then visit the 'Gallery' tab under 'Internet Play','My Account' where you can replay shots by clicking on their hyperlink.
After the replay you can use 'P','R' to pause and replay the action, you can also review the shot from any angle by moving the camera.

Pause, replay and a new slow motion more are still a bit rough around the edges - but I hope to develop into something really cool (multiple camera angles, comments from other players, shot of the month, convert to video etc.etc.)

I had a shot go wrong ?
Sorry - On extremely rare occassions - something 'weird' may happen, like a ball dropping through the table, floating over a pocket or disappearing.
If you have something you'd like investigated please choose 'help','send last shot to support' - It's similar to the gallery and allows me to re-load and replay your shot to see exactly what went wrong (and fix the bug), with the best will in the world I can't personally play anything like the number of test games that 10,000 players can, so - so Please submit those 'weird' shots and help me squash the last few bugs.
Can I play NOBA ?
NOBA (playing with No Object Ball Aids) was a solution to a problem that no longer exists.The game was too easy - leading to boring whitewashes, so people chose to play a significantly more difficult version by turning off the guides.
The new Pro level provides the necessary difficulty through added realism and better physics, It makes for an exciting, balanced and realistic game and offers a new challenge that will actually improve your understanding (and play!) of real Snooker.
For the die-hards, you can still play NOBA at any level - but I'd really encourage you to try the Pro level (with guides) as a superior alternative to NOBA games with the 'old' simplistic physics.
If and when 'Pro' becomes too easy - the Master level could be changed to have a cueball guide only.. I would invite your input on that.
How do the leagues work - I seem to lose more Points than I win ?
QuickSnooker uses what's called an Elo rating system - this allows fair games between players of differing skill levels, and helps to reward playing better rather than just playing more.

Every player starts with 1000 Elo Points.
The number of points a player stands to win, and to lose are calculated based upon the points difference between the two players concerned.
When both players have equal Elo scores (for example 1000 points), each stands to win or lose 15 points.
However, if one player is better (i.e. has significantly more ranking points than the other) - He stands to win less (and lose more) - conversely the 'underdog' stands to win more, whilst risking less.
It's all calculated for you - but here are few examples
Player A
Elo score
Player B
Elo score
Player A
Would gain
If he won
Player A
Would lose
if he lost
Player B
Would gain
if he won
Player B
Would lose
if he lost
1000 1000 0 +15 -15 +15 -15
1000 1100 100 +21 -9 +9 -21
1100 1290 190 +22 -8 +8 -22
1305 900 405 +3 -27 +27 -3

NOTE: - The sum of the points lost and won, is always 30,

and to make it clearer (maybe) - here's a chart - this is from the perspective of the 'leading' player.
Elo score reckoner
The Elo system is not perfect - but is widely regarded to be one of the best - see this link for the full technical details, pros and cons.
What is the 'Handicapped' option for ?
In a head to head on-line game, this option will change the length of your guides in proportion to your Elo score.
  • If your Elo score is greater than 1000 points, your guides will get shorter.
  • If your Elo score is less than 1000 points, your guides will get longer.
This allows a more balanced game between players of very different abilities, if you want to give a newbie a fighting chance, or alternatively fancy a game with a much more experienced player - offer them a handicapped game, it will be more interesting for both of you.
A handicapped game is played for +/- 15 points regardless of your respective Elo scores.
How do I Uninstall ?
QuickSnooker can be removed from your system using the normal 'add/remove programs' in Windows - here's a screenshot - to help you locate it (then press 'uninstall').

Alternatively - you can simply download/run the setup program again from the home page - if the program is already installed - it will Uninstall it from your system.