red shiny ball

Quick start

QuickSnooker is delightfully easy to pick up - after a handful of shots you'll be playing like a pro.

We strongly recommend you play with a mouse, the controls can be fiddly on a touchpad and downright impossible on a touchscreen.

You may find this Printable Keyboard Guide helpful - It gives clues to some of the more hidden features.

To play a shot:-

  • Click on the cueball in the 3D view, and move the mouse towards you to set power, left and right to aim.
  • Cancel aiming with the right mouse button
  • To set spin, hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse, when you release, it won't shoot until you click and release without moving.
  • To raise and lower the butt of the cue, use your mouse wheel. Note: On a laptop, you can use the 'page up','page down' keys - some laptops may require an additional 'alt'or 'fn' key with their page up/page down keys
  • You can take a shot in either the overhead 2D view, or the 3D view. - move the mouse away from the cueball to swing around and set power in the 2D view.


The controls become very confusing (and feel almost 'broken') if you select the cueball in one view, and then attempt to swing the cue whilst looking at another.. whilst *you* might be looking in a different view - the controls will always behave correctly for the view in which the cueball was selected. So - if you change your mind about which view to play a shot in (2D/3D), just 'right click' to cancel the shot and reselect the cueball in the 'correct' view.

It's probably best to play shots in the 3D view, and cast your eye up to the 2D view when aiming tricky shots.

Enjoy the game !

There are many more 'hints' at the bottom of the opening screen - Try and read one each time you play.