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Unlock full Snooker with a one-off payment from just £5 (GBP) around €6(Euro) or 7$ (USD) for:-

Full 15 reds - Real Snooker, the way it shoud be played - for those 147 breaks.
A more challenging computer opponent.
Extra tables, Pool, 9 Ball and a bonus hexagonal table.
'Instant' access to Internet play, leagues, chat and tournaments.
Annoying startup delay removed.
The warm fuzzy feeling of being a nice person.

Your serial number:-


found on the opening screen of your game

Click the big button to choose which version to purchase.

Keys are despatched immediately - they should be with you within a few minutes

Got a Question ?

What is your refund policy ?

If you're not happy with your purchase - we give you your money back. We like to try and fix any problem you may have first - but ultimately we will always provide a full refund - with no hard feelings.

Do I keep the game at the end of my membership ?

Yes - you retain features like 15 reds, extra computer opponents, extra tables and the 'Pro' physics and features (if you've purchased that).

Membership allows access to on-line play, league tables, statistics, shot galleries and other social features - It also entitles you to automatic updates and technical support - if you're a light user - you might want to 'top up' membership a couple of times a year - if you see yourself playing a lot, or want a continuous record of your acheivements, our annual membership makes sense.

Will you automatically renew my subscription / bill my card again ?

No - absolutely not, any payment you make is a one off, when it's time to renew (for continued support,updates and on-line play) you'll get a message and you can purchase again if you wish.

Whichever registration you choose, at the end of the period, the game remains unlocked.

Your support, upgrades and on-line play will end - you will need to purchase again to extend these.

My Balls are 'Popping' - will buying the £5 version fix it ?

After really quite a lot of games (usually well after your 7 day trial), your balls will be removed one at a time to 'encourage' you to purchase. (that sounds much worse than it actually is.)

Buying even the £5 version will immediately give you all 15 reds - at present, they will not be removed again until/unless you uninstall the game or reformat your computer.

Is it secure ?

Yes - we only take payments through PayPal which is completely secure - even we do not see your card number.

Furthermore you're protected by PayPal's Buyer Protection guarantees and dispute process - We have very, very few disputes (usually where people have an invalid email address) but if you're not happy you will be refunded through PayPal.

If I re-install can I get another 7 days trial ?
No - that won't work, don't waste your time - If you have a good reason, such as you only had a couple of games, and you ask nicely - we'll extend your trial, but it is supposed to be a *trial* - if you like it - please buy it !
Can I use the game on more than one computer ?


You can sign in on multiple computers - and unlock the game on each. You can only play on-line (against other human players) from one device at once.

I refuse to use PayPal

You don't have to have a PayPal Account to pay with them, you can use all major credit and debit cards and check out as a 'Guest'

If you *really* hate PayPal, or are in one of the few countries where Paypal doesn't operate (Turkey Pakistan Afghanistan)- we can give you our bank details for Internet Banking transfers on the £20/25 options (the fees are too high to justify it on £5 transactions)

But I'm in Chile/France/Germany/Holland/Brazil/Timbuktu ?

It doesn't matter where you are in the world - or what your local currency is, you just get the 'bank exchange rate' on the day that the transaction goes through, we pay all the fees.

Are there transaction or credit card charges ?

Well, yes there are - but we pay those - you pay just pay what it says.

Where can I find a 'Crack' or Key for QuickSnooker ?

A 'crack' tampers with the QuickSnooker code - in theory to unlock the game for free. If you're prepared to cruise the darker side of the Internet - you might find one - we monitor them carefully most don't work, NONE are for the current version, some are infected with viruses. NO Crack is going to give you on-line play - and running ANY of them is potentially very dangerous to your computer, and every other computer on your network.

Why should I pay ? I download all my software for free.

QuickSnooker is developed by one man in his shed - I'm trying to offer a professional, quality product at a fair price.

There is no advertising, no clutter, no spyware, adware or 'toolbars' - registrations are our only source of income.

By paying you get:-

  • Safe, instant access.
  • Priority support and automatic updates.
  • 15 red balls, challenge anyone on-line, better computer opponents, 9 ball, Pool, Special shaped tables.
  • 'lifetime'* access to the offline features at the end of your 12 months.

* Basic support only we cannot troubleshoot compatibility issues or guarantee transfer to other computers outside of your registration period.

I have another question . .

Blimey, really? - don't worry, we're here to answer it - real people - In England, just Contact Us